Friday, August 19, 2011

Here I am on a Friday night...

Just getting ready for some Torchwood: Miracle Day!
For those of you who haven't watched Torchwood, I highly suggest you give it a try. Well, that is if you like supernatural sci-fi shows.
Lately I've just been wanting to get back to school. Strange, I know. I think it's because I want to do more photography! I love summer vacation and I really like being with my family, but for some reason this summer I have really been sapped of my creative streaks. I just haven't come up with many ideas or executed the ones I have. Major boo!
So luckily, with new classes, I believe that my creative bounds will be tested. Sort of like reality TV shows. Well namely one that I've been watching lately. Project Runway.
Once again, if you haven't seen it, go watch an episode or two. Google it. I love this show because it challenges people to stretch their creativity. Finding ways to make clothes using inspirations like cities, pieces of art, and other crazy stuff. Or they have to make a garment using only fruit or things you would find in a pet store. I think it's amazing!
Another great TV show is the Amazing Race!

The other day we played a game in my singles ward. It was based off of the Amazing Race. In teams we had to complete several challenges like walking with a cup of water on our heads or decyphering a code with words in a cemetery. It was really cool. I got really competitive, I always get competitive in games like that. Haha, anyway, we were the white team and the last ones to leve from the first 3 challenges. Luckily in the cemetery we caught up and worked our way to first place. We kept our winning pace until the very last clue and area, and there I lost the whole competition for my friends and teammates! DX It was horrible! The last clue said to run up to the top of the baseball bleachers at North Ogden Park but I didn't hear the "top of the bleachers" part. So the black team caught up right behind us and they immediately ran to the top of the bleachers as my teammates did as well. Only I stayed at the bottom thinking that there was nothing else to do! So thanks to me the whole team lost first place and came into an oh-so-close second place. D:
Haha, I really don't care. But my other teammates made a big deal of it. It sort of stinks when others ostracize you just cause you lose something. That's one reason why I don't like playing sports. But all the same, I think that we did a good job coming up from the bottom all the way to the top.
I'm so excited to go to school! Woot woot! Even though grades aren't that fun to think about, at least I have 2 Photo classes, 1 Framemaking class, 1 Asian Studies class, and an Art History class!  There's also going to some free time. Except for Wednesdays. :P
This semester is going to rock!