Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All I can say is.... Spoon Me

This frozen yogurt is awesome!
These are the shots that I used for my color assignment. It is an analogous color scheme or saturated versus desaturated.
But I tried to give it a look of an advertisement. I think Spoon Me should hire me.

'Nuf said. Thank you.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

FHE Reunion

On Saturday I was able to have a great time with my old family home evening group from my freshman year in college. This was so much fun and I love that we could all speak together and still laugh and have fun.
Two years may have been a long time but it wasn't too much! We enjoyed some Cafe Rio and we sat in the grass having a lot of fun.

 Then we decided to take some photos of funny faces and normal supah fine lookin photos!










The whole group
I love these guys. It was a great activity to just hang out and remember old times. It's funny that two years can actually bring some people closer together. Well, with some Cafe Rio mixed in there as well.


These photos are part of the same color assignment. Now I did this cool shot using monochromatic colors. Monochromatic = multiple shades of one color. As you can see I chose red.
I really liked this shoot cause I was able to think of many ways for one color to work and build the image.

I think that I had a pretty good idea for this series. I really liked doing it and I personally think it's funny how I used such variety of things. Apples, grapes, red onions, and Red Vines.
The best part was eating afterwards!

Apples to Apples

This is a shoot that I did for my color assignment in Photography.
As you can see from my first post, I already did it, but these photos that I'm posting are edited and a little different in style.
I think the last one looks gruesome and I'm going to use it for my assignment.

My color scheme for this shoot was Complimentary colors. So the red and green are supposed to give the viewer some type of emotion or feeling. I hope that this inspires queasiness. Especially the last one.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well in this assignment I was able to look around for some abstract images. It was sort of hard cause I had to use more imagination.
Paul, my photo professor, showed us some example and I saw a lot that were normal street curbs. So I thought that I would try those out! I liked them but then I realized that I wanted be different from the examples. So I went to campus thinking about other things that I could shoot with different elements of design. So here are the four that I turned in. I decided to shoot a bulletin board.

So these were the photos. The first one was critiqued and I got some nice comments but the professor said that it lacked variety, which I agree with. And I think that I could have edited it a little more to have the blue pop out. I was also told that I should have letters in abstract photos. Oops! @_@
But I think that they turned out to be nice photos in general.
I'm loving this class. I just need to get better at the assignments! ^_^
Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate any help that I can get!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photo Assignment Number 1

I have the wonderful opportunity to be in a photography class here at BYU. It is just the Intro to Photography but luckily I'm learning a lot of the technicalities of photography and I am building up my portfolio for November. Woot.
Well this past week we had the assignment to shoot 4 different photos of specific technical effects. Shallow Depth of Field, Deep Depth of Field, Short Shutter Speed, and Long Shutter Speed.
Here are the photos that I turned in for class.
Shallow Depth of Field
There are some sculptures over here by the Museum of Art and they seemed like a nice subject. I loved the sprinkler heads!
Long Depth of Field
This is the Tanner Building. It is really big and I really like the architecture so it was cool to shoot.
Short Shutter Speed
Piso Mojado, a fantastic a capella group, were having a small concert and I tried to catch some still motion in this photo. I think it worked pretty well.
Long Shutter Speed
I think this photo turned out pretty well. I was able to catch a lot of motions. This was the photo that was critiqued in my class and I got some pretty good comments on it and some great constructive criticism.

Altogether I think that it turned out to be a pretty good shoot. But I think that I could have done a lot better. Just because they seem like I was just trying to figure out the assignment. I didn't really put too much artistic thought into the photos.
Well I'm gonna keep trying. I also just completed my second assignment. It has to do with abstraction in photos.
I'll be posting them later!
Still trying to figure out how to do some shoots!