Sunday, September 25, 2011


For digital imaging we have to take a picture of the most important person in our lives. Well I don't have a girlfriend or boyfriends or spouse like the other students in my class, so I decided to shoot numero uno, myself. The objective was to achieve normal skin tones while using artificial lighting. I luckily have some umbrella lights (thank you parents) and my friend Moana was willing to help me take the photos. She is an illustrator and loves photography so she delivered some great images. I have three that I like a lot but I'm only going to pick one. Hope you like them.

Pretty straightforward.

A little more personable
This is the one I'm going to choose.
I like the last one because it's a lot more fun and personable than the other two. I think it's natural looking and I worked on the skin tones a lot. Hopefully they look good and not too yellow.
In other news, I'm sick. Hopefully it won't last long. It's too bad I can't always be happy and full of laughs like in these photos.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Things that have been on my mind lately...

1. My application to go to Japan this spring is totally finished. I guess I'll just find out soon if I am accepted.

2. I realize that if I AM accepted, I'm going to have to refine my concept for a photographic essay.

3. My photo classes this semester are a little expensive. Film, paper, and prints. It all racks up the $$$.

4. My East Asian History class is wonderful. Lots of reading but great. Japanese is a blast!

5. I miss my family. But for some reason in a sad kind of way.

6. I really hope I get the job in the library that I'm applying for. It's going to be more Darkroom work.

7. Why is opposition so necessary ALL the time? Why can't some things be easy to have or do?

8. A certain someone.

9. I'm grateful for loving friends. And my wonderful family.

10. Sleep. Zzzz.....