Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Month and a Day Later

Right after my last post about not posting frequently, I decide with more fervor to blog and to be active in the blogging world. :D
Well I just wanted to say that everything is going well. Especially the photo program. I LOVE all of the other students and we are getting along better than peas in pods! But as for current events.
Gong hai fat choi!!! Y'all!!!! I am celebrating Chinese New Year with my dearest friend Becky,  who is also in the photo program. Here dad is from China and he makes some of the best chinese food I've every had, especially potstickers and licorice beef.
Last night she held a party and it turned out fantastically with food, karaoke, and Shaolin Soccer (hilarious movie).
Now I'm here with Becky in Magna with her wonderful family. Getting ready to eat and watching Despicable Me, Knight and Day, and Easy A. And hopefully some more chinese movies. :D
I'll be posting more from now on!!

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