Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dear Nicki Minaj

Sometime after I got home from my mission I got your album Pink Friday.
Yes, there you are, with your crazy looking Barbie leg. I didn't really listen to any of the music seeing as I'm not really into rap. I thought that your rap would be like everyone elses. But oh, how I was wrong. Well, wrong and right. Your rap is, in a way, like everyone elses because you sing/talk really fast and use some not so wholesome language at times. I'm not proud of it. But you're different in your ability to catch me and keep me reeled in. Mostly with your song Super Bass.
Super Bass is awesome. It's beyond awesome! It's BE-AWESOME! Catchy, fun, and great to sing. It's my goal to memorize the whole song by the time I get back to Provo. But one thing I love about you Nicki, is that you dress up and get funky without all the campiness of Lady Gaga. With you it's just 100% cool. Here are some snaps from Super Bass the music video to prove my point.

I really want to try and do a photo shoot using black lights. Like this. ^^^^^^
Anyway, thanks for the music Nicki. Keep doing what you do. But hopefully with less profanity. You are too beautiful to use it. :D
Love always,

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  1. oh my gosh! YOU BLOGGED! :) haha. JK. I miss your post. Everyone quit blogging and moved on with their lives. It's kind of sad sometimes. Anyway, I have never heard of her, I may have to check some of her music out sometime.

    As for the black light stuff.. DO IT!!! It would be SO COOL!