Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gentlemen's Quarterly and Colorblindness

For our last photo assignment, we were given the task to re/create a magazine cover of our choice. Actually, our photo teacher didn't tell us what we would be doing, he just asked us our favorite magazine or the magazine we would like to shoot for.
I said GQ instinctively because it's men's fashion, and I like shooting guys and fashion. That's when he dropped the assignment on us, and immediately I was scared that I wouldn't be able to deliver a good image.
One of my friends is a pretty good looking guy so I decided to ask him to pose for me, and since he's an acting major I thought it would be good to get him some nice images. But I didn't know what to dress him in or how to take the shot. My good friend Jess let me borrow her studio lights and I had my flashes and umbrellas. And then my lovely friend Moana let me use her front room as a studio.
But most of all, Becky Leung helped me with art direction, hair styling, and costuming on the actual shoot. That girl knows her stuff and what looks good. She stayed the whole shoot which I believe was 2 hours + and didn't not complain.
After taking the shots I began to look through all of the images that were worth editing. Luckily there were quite a few but ultimately I decided on one. As I began to edit the image I felt quite confident about it and was done pretty quickly. Until I asked about skin tones. Becky told me my skin tones were very red. So I changed them up. Then when I asked again, she said they were green! Something was wrong cause I didn't see it. So then the TA, overhearing our conversation, had me take a colorblindness test. And it turns out that I'm slightly red/green colorblind. D: This just a little disconcerting because I want to shoot people for my career.
Anyway, after staring at the picture long enough and figuring out other things to edit, I was able to produce a great image. And here it is:

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