Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hand Art

Okay, so here's the thing. I can't draw. I can't paint. I can't collage very well. I cannot use my hands to make art, other than setting up things and then pushing a button on a camera.
However, here at BYU, they have a Visual Arts Core. This core is a series of classes that one must take in order to be able to enter into their program of choice. Well guess what these classes are. There is a Seminar for all students to take where we listen to the professors and other professional artists speak about their emphasis and experiences. Then there's Drawing and 2D Design.
These are the fun classes and rather interesting, but I just can't really excel in them. :( As I said earlier, I can't draw or paint. And when I do it ends up looking just alright. I wish that I could be better at it, and I know that I should just practice and practice and practice. But then I always end up thinking, why? I am going into Photography. I don't need to draw. But alas, I'm still getting a grade.
Here are some things that I've been working on lately.
Remember how I can't use photo for my 2D final? Well, my teacher taught me a nice trick called a Gesso transfer. She said I could xerox my photos and then transfer them to a piece of art paper and draw and paint around them. My idea was Stereotypes and I asked my sister and dad to help. I want to portray stereotypes breaking the stereotypes.
So this is The Bookworm.
 Since I took this photo, I actually went back and drew in some more hair to make it longer and seem a little more feminine. Just because my editing of the photo didn't get all of my sisters hair.
Then I also saw some customized headphones on Go check them out! They're awesome. Well I had the idea to do some winger headphones to have sort of an anime feel. And here are the ones I finished, thanks for the tutorial on Bobsmade.

Pretty cool no? I know, there are some flaws, but still, I had a good time and not I'm thinking about doing some with little Nightmare wings on them. ^_^
It's going to be great.

Today I went and spoke with Paul, my former photo teacher, about my portfolio. He had pretty good things to say about my new photos, Censored and Gluttony. But Gluttony seems to not be as strong as I would have liked. Two professors have said that it lacks a professional feel to it and it can definitely be seem as a Freshman piece of work. This worries me just a little because they both said that I had a good concept and I executed it well for my level of experience. So I will still include it in my portfolio. But all the same, it leaves more doubts in my mind. I have to have 2 more photos, and I'm just praying that I'll be able to take them correctly and in interesting ways.
Tomorrow I'm going to take my piece Without Color and on Saturday I'll be doing the Good vs. Evil Piece. I just pray that it's not storming on Saturday when I go out to the Salt Flats.
Cross your fingers!

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  1. I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUR TALENT! Like I almost want to say I hate you because you're so good. but I don't hate you. I'm just really envious. LOL! :)