Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Deactivated my Facebook.

That's right. I did it. I want to see how long I can go without looking at my profile or contacting people through the social network. It's only temporary, I'm thinking about doing it for about a month. I think it'll be sort of like an oil change. :D Any old stuff will just be left behind and then I can start anew. Plus, I already left Facebook for 2 years, I think I can take a month more.
So lately I've been a little worried about the Photo Application. I know that I have better photos than I did the first time. And I know that I can do more photos, but it's just the part of finding time that is sort of hard! I have classes and homework and I don't have too much time to catch some good light. Lately, the weather has been HORRIBLE! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE snow and rain, but it is a bad thing when you are looking to take some good well-lit photos.
I have settled down since my last post, especially with the help of other art students and my good friends on this blog! Thanks Londi and Sophie!! So I decided that I can still do my photos, while just adding some collage or paint into them. I was thinking about taking simple portraits of the stereotypes and then cutting them, painting over them and adding other mediums to accentuate the moods with color and texture.  Let's hope, yes?
My other photo ideas that are coming up will be the final shoots before I turn in my portfolio, which will hopefully be the 20th.
Without Color- Many of you have probably seen this kind of photo. I will have my model pose with a paint brush as if wiping their eyes. The image will be grey and where the brush is wiping, there will be a trail of color. Its a fairly simple idea and but it is a good concept and hopefully it'll find favor with the professors.
Par example:

Good vs. Evil- I am taking a trip to the great Salt Flats for this photo. The concept is the battle between Good and Evil pulling on a human being. So my model, male, will be have red and white fabric wrapped around his feet, waist, arms, eyes, and mouth. The fabric will be pulled in all directions, like a sort of rough movement. Then I will have the model jump in the air and do crazy poses as if writhing. This has also been a photo I've had working around in my head for a while now.
Sweet- My best friend Brittney sent me a link on DeviantArt. The link is to a contest that someone is holding and the theme is "Sweet". I thought of doing a sort of darker image that was sort of gritty and almost gross. Depending on how the photos seem to be going. I was thinking of having a model sitting in a chair or lying on a table with an IV in their arm (obviously fake) and the IV is from a bag of Sugar. Then I would have the model with creepy make-up to look like a junky or maybe a creepy smile. Once again, somewhat simple. If not this idea, maybe a gross one where my model is pouring a bag of sugar into their mouth. I just don't know how to fake that. XD
I NEED to get into photography this time around. I don't know if I mentioned, but the 20 available spaces has gone down to 15 thanks to the bloody receivers of the Talent Awards (scholarships). So my chances went down by 5. But I think I have a pretty good chance cause the professors have said that I have pieces that they have never seen nor ever thought about.
This is really starting to weigh on my mind though. Seriously. I've had dreams about it. Luckily in each dream I was told that I was accepted with no problem, but still, I don't want to get into a false sense of security. I'm praying, please pray for me.
Other than that life is pretty good. I've been in sort of a weird mood lately. I've wanted to travel, but it's just not the time cause I don't have time and I don't have money. I also, for some odd reason, want to remember youth things. Like anime and cosplay. I want to go cosplaying so much!! I am so weird. XD But really, I realized that I wouldn't mind wearing those crazy cool hats or hoodies that have ears and stuff. (But NO tails!!) I mean look at this one.

Isn't it cool?? I know, I know, "What the heck Spencer?" But I LOVE things like this! People have great talents don't they. I wouldn't wear this one if it had the tail, but the rest of it is so awesome.
Or look at this!

Okay, I would wear this in the winter time! But then again, I think of all the looks that I would get. But oh well! There are other people who wear really strange things!
I know, I know, I'm done ranting and being weird. Basically, you won't see me in these types of clothes, but one of these days I'm going Cosplaying and I'm gonna geek out.

Oh blog, I can tell that my temporary break up with Facebook is going to give us some quality time. :)

PS, these images are copyrighted by the artist on DeviantArt. Don't steal them.


  1. Well, I sadly can't look at these awesome imagages. And I know I am missing out on them because you recommended them, and Spencer only reccomends the best of the best! :)

    Oh and I totally salute you in deactivating your FB. I keep wanting to delete mine but not enough of my friends have blogs. :( I'm also a little too addicted to it. Which sucks.. a lot! haha. Someday maybe. My blog has been a little lonely this past week.

  2. oh and ignore the spelling errors. I'm too tired to fix them. lol. Long day at work you see..

  3. Dud we totally need to hang out! Im in the same kind of mood lately (except for the cosplay part). If you want to do something this weekend just let me know!

  4. I sadly cannot see the images, either. Glad you figured out my true identity, my friend!

  5. Glad you got the pics working! I love your photo! It's awesome. All the kawai is a bit creepy but you can still be my friend