Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's the Hard Knock Life

Oh goodness, Little Orphan Annie didn't know how right she was when she sang that lovely song with her fellow orphans.
Sometimes life just isn't easy is it? I know, it's not supposed to be. But there are times when I wish I could do something that I want to without any problem!
Luckily this only has limited reference to Photography (for now).
In my 2D design class we have to start planning and completing our final class project. This is accompanied by a written proposal to our teacher about a certain idea that we can expound on.
Okay so here's what I was thinking. My professor has allowed me to do photography on other assignments, for example my Censored and Gluttony photos. I really liked the idea of doing this final project cause it was going to be a sort of MINI BFA show, very mini. I even began coming up with an idea of shooting headshots of several Stereotypes. I wanted to do portraits of stereotypical things like Jock, Emo, Cowboy, Artist, etc. It's an alright concept right?
Well guess what!! My professors comes out with the catch, this time I CAN'T use Photo! I have to use paint, or collage, or something else.
My desire to do this project was taken away. I can't do five different continuous collages and I can't paint for my life! I HATE that everyone gets to use their medium of choice just because they are oil painters or pastel users (I mean no hatred or anger to the artists themselves, they're awesome friends!) It's just not that fair because apparently, photo does not take as much effort as handheld mediums.
Why is life unfair sometimes? I can tell that one day I'm going to face the same type of problem when I'm in the photo program. I don't like taking photos of Landscapes and I don't like corny feel good portraiture, but I'm most likely going to have to do it.
Sometimes I just hate how the Visual Arts Core Classes are full semester classes. Especially for photo majors. What it that?! They should be block classes cause I'm really starting to not care about my assignments and trying to please the professors. I think Photo should be allowed.
And now I'm done ranting. DX


  1. want to know something sad? I was going to go into photo and take some other art classes on the side.. but NOOO. Weber State doesn't seem to think that Photo is an art! FOR PETE SAKES! So they told me I could take all the photo related classes I wanted and to know that it will ONLY count as an elective. This AFTER my friend finished her photo major there! Gah! I hate it when I get there AFTER THE ONCE UPON A TIME! grrrr...

  2. You could always take the photographs and then paint them, using a grid to maintain accuracy as you transfer the images from the photo to an art board.... There are other options too. You took humanities right? A little tracing paper and soft graphite goes a long way...

    Plus, if you download Google Picasa, you can print out your photos as a poster. Don't know if you can do that in Photoshop (though it seems like you can do anything in Photoshop...)

    And Londi, the Weber State art program is ridiculously clannish. There are a few people who get away with anything, including failing multiple classes, simply because the chair has taken a shine to them. It's cutthroat, so watch out!