Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blast from the past!

For those of my friends who remember my photos from high school.
Do you remember my Seven Deadly Sins series?
I really liked this series and I liked the photos that I produced. But now I've learned a lot more about photography, and now I have more equipment to use.
So here is my latest photo shoot. My old roommate, Matt, helped me out as my model and he did great! Luckily he was willing to get a little messy. It was a great experience that I even needed to get a shot of myself.

I think that the top photo is fitting for this Halloween time, no?

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  1. I LOVED your seven deadly sins series! It was beyond words. I loved it so much! You should scan some of those photos in and blog them so that others can see them. They were so good! OH and remember all the pictures you gave me? the "imperfect" ones? Yeah.. I still have those. LOL! :) I'm definitely a fan of your work.