Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So I'm officially a weirdo....

Seriously though. Why do I have weird ideas for photos? I mean, sure we could say that I am very creative, and I'm fine with that, but to what does my creativity work?
There are times when people can see my photos and say "Wow, I really like that one!" but then they don't get why I took it! So I think that's something that I need to look out for while turning in my portfolio.
I have many ideas, but I need to be able to put my own character into them without it being extremely weird.
It's not that I'm hurt by the comments of others, I know that I need to accept criticism and not only that. I need to disconnect from my work. Because once it's finished and edited, it should stand alone. But today I turned in my lighting assignment.
Truthfully, I don't think I did my best work on this shoot. I feel like I just did the assignment and didn't really apply it to myself and apply too much of my creativity. But then one of the three photos I turned in was this one...

For all of you who know me on Facebook, which is everyone who would read this blog, I have this set as my profile picture. I think it looks pretty cool. Sure, it's not exactly the image that I wanted from the get go with this shoot but it still looks visually interesting.
However, it was sort of strange for the kids in class. No one said anything mean, no one said anything derogatory, however it was joked that I should put this into the ward directory to introduce myself.
I'm such a weirdy. But I have a lot of other weird photos from the mind where this one came from! So I guess that sometimes I have weird ideas and stuff, but if creativity is what I need to get into the photography program, you can't argue that I don't have it.


  1. You may call it 'weird'. I call it pretty darn creative!
    You have a unique style that I haven't ever seen in any other photographer. Though you may think your own style is 'weird' (hey, you're your own worst critic, you know), I think you are very gifted! You see things in a way very different from other people (and other photographers), and that makes your ideas very intriguing!
    Keep it up!! :) I love your work!

  2. PS, I totally dig the pic of you! It's very 'enigmatic'!!

  3. It is a beautiful photo! I honestly think that the best artwork is that which is not immediately understood. One of the missions of art, according to many contemporary artists, is to provoke thought. If your work provokes thought, then it is viable.

    I also showed it to a photographer friend, and she also thinks it is beautiful.

  4. I totally LOVE IT! My goodness! That was brilliant! where do you come up with this amazing ideas? No, really. I want to know.
    No one said anything because they are like me and totally jealous! It really is an awesome photo! Weird? well, yes. But that's the beauty of it! Normal is so 500 years ago. You're in the year 2010 almost 2011. The era of different and new ideas! You're job is to open peoples minds and eyes and get them to see beyond the boring everyday crap that is always placed in their faces. Sure, everyday stuff can be cool and boring is ok at times. But if you want the shocker and the amazement of everyone, then you got it!

    P.S. totally envious of your talent! and if anyone ask, you took the picture cause it's not only unique, but it's different. And different is good!

  5. Your photography is amazing. You have such a bold, unique style that a lot of people don't. I think your creativity is what makes it all so great!