Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cupcakes anyone???

I had a new photoshoot with my good friend Kelsey. I had the idea of doing a portrait that was based on a food fight. My original idea involved spaghetti sauce and noodles as well as cookies and chocolate sauce. But then I bought some wonderful cupcakes from The Cocoa Bean. And let's just say that the shoot came together right in front of my eyes.
First of all, Kelsey was my model and my friend Eldon was my assistant (the first time I've ever had an assistant!). The lighting was great and we just started to take the photos. So the assignment is two portrait photos that give depth and life to the subject.
Here are the photos that I ended up getting:

Here are the two that I'll be using for the assignment:

Oh! And I got a good photo as well!


  1. Those look like amazing cupcakes. Nice shoot, Spencer!