Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All I can say is.... Spoon Me

This frozen yogurt is awesome!
These are the shots that I used for my color assignment. It is an analogous color scheme or saturated versus desaturated.
But I tried to give it a look of an advertisement. I think Spoon Me should hire me.

'Nuf said. Thank you.


  1. they definitely should hire you! those pictures are so good that they looked photo shopped! that's a compliment by the way. You are an AMAZING photographer! I'm envious of your talent.

  2. okay thanks now you have me craaavving one!!!

  3. Hi there, I got your name from Marie Dixon and I am looking for someone to do family pictures for us. I couldn't find your email on here, so I hope just leaving a comment me at
    -Chelsea Peck

  4. I really liked the 3 and 4th pics. The first two seemed maybe a bit out of focus to me but the composition is excellent!