Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Photo Assignment Number 1

I have the wonderful opportunity to be in a photography class here at BYU. It is just the Intro to Photography but luckily I'm learning a lot of the technicalities of photography and I am building up my portfolio for November. Woot.
Well this past week we had the assignment to shoot 4 different photos of specific technical effects. Shallow Depth of Field, Deep Depth of Field, Short Shutter Speed, and Long Shutter Speed.
Here are the photos that I turned in for class.
Shallow Depth of Field
There are some sculptures over here by the Museum of Art and they seemed like a nice subject. I loved the sprinkler heads!
Long Depth of Field
This is the Tanner Building. It is really big and I really like the architecture so it was cool to shoot.
Short Shutter Speed
Piso Mojado, a fantastic a capella group, were having a small concert and I tried to catch some still motion in this photo. I think it worked pretty well.
Long Shutter Speed
I think this photo turned out pretty well. I was able to catch a lot of motions. This was the photo that was critiqued in my class and I got some pretty good comments on it and some great constructive criticism.

Altogether I think that it turned out to be a pretty good shoot. But I think that I could have done a lot better. Just because they seem like I was just trying to figure out the assignment. I didn't really put too much artistic thought into the photos.
Well I'm gonna keep trying. I also just completed my second assignment. It has to do with abstraction in photos.
I'll be posting them later!
Still trying to figure out how to do some shoots! 


  1. i like the last two photos...mostly because i'm in one of them :P

  2. So I didn't know there were so many technicalities to photography. It's like a foreign language to me. I barely know how to work my old antique olympus digital camera lol. I'm so glad to hear you are building your portfolio. You've got a good, artistic eye. Can't wait to see more of your stuff spencer! :)


  3. okay HELLO where is my pic spenceee???