Monday, September 20, 2010

Photo Ideas

Well lately I've been thinking a lot about the photography application coming up in November. It is still a debate in my head whether I should apply this november or wait another year and build up a great portfolio. I have some ideas in my head. The apple ones in my previous post are some that I'm thinking of including in my portfolio and here are two others that are a maybe.
And this one
I really liked my idea for this photo. It was inspired from my gross liking of the Saw movies. I was thinking "There are always some head traps and they always have to do with creepy things, so what if there was a Camera Head Trap." And this is what came out of it!
I really liked the idea of having the hands strapped to the head but I think the first photo looks better. The color is sort of sickening and the editing worked for it.
So I also have some other ideas but I'm currently in the process of getting them to work. November is coming soon! But I'll be as ready as I can be!


  1. I think you should apply now. You have some amazing stuff and amazing ideas to match! If you don't make it this round, you'll make it the next for sure! You have a wonderful talent that I am envious of.

  2. Spencer!! You are so talented! I love the photos! They are so quirky yet so unique! :) I don't know why, but they reminded me of the sand people on star wars! lol :)
    I am glad you are blogging and sharing your photos!! *hugs*