Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well in this assignment I was able to look around for some abstract images. It was sort of hard cause I had to use more imagination.
Paul, my photo professor, showed us some example and I saw a lot that were normal street curbs. So I thought that I would try those out! I liked them but then I realized that I wanted be different from the examples. So I went to campus thinking about other things that I could shoot with different elements of design. So here are the four that I turned in. I decided to shoot a bulletin board.

So these were the photos. The first one was critiqued and I got some nice comments but the professor said that it lacked variety, which I agree with. And I think that I could have edited it a little more to have the blue pop out. I was also told that I should have letters in abstract photos. Oops! @_@
But I think that they turned out to be nice photos in general.
I'm loving this class. I just need to get better at the assignments! ^_^
Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate any help that I can get!